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The begin of Stromfors iron mill area is strongly related to the golden age of the Swedish iron industry in 1600's when Finland was part of Sweden. The first tilt workshop was found in Petjärvi by baron Johan Creutz in 1698.

The current name of the area was given by Anders Nohrström and Jakob Forsell who bought the area in 1744 after the Peace of Turku. The new owners developed the trade of the area by establishing manufacture workshop, sawmill and mill.

Jakob Forsell was knighted later and his son captain of industry Henrik Johan af Forselles took the eminent role of the leader in Stromfors in 1781. Nine years later Henrik Johan's widow Virginia af Forselles started to supervise the area. She led the area very succesfully almost 60 years, till her dead in 1847. Most of the buildings seen in the area nowadays are from 'her Grace's' era.

Antti Ahlström bought the iron mill in 1886 and started to develop the sawmill trade. The iron mill workshops were shut down in 1950 after 250 years of succesful working and the sawmill was closed three years later. The electric and plastic accessories factory was established in 1947 by A. Ahlström Corporation.

Nowadays there are many operators, such as artisans, guide tour service, accommodation firm, restaurant and coffee bar working in the old, idyllic iron mill milieu.

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